Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Addiction is a disease that alters your brain and causes behaviors that negatively impact your life.

Has substance abuse taken over your life?

Are you ready to regain control?

At Crossing, we provide the support and tools you need to combat your

disease and make you Stronger Every Day.

Not only can substance use disorder impair your physical health, but it can also prevent you from accomplishing every day responsibilities like work or school . Drugs and alcohol can damage your relationships and cause emotional harm to those who love you. The cost of maintaining your use can create financial barriers that impact your ability to sustain your basic needs like housing, food, and transportation. The impact of substance abuse can be devastating.

Most people reach a point where they want to stop using drugs or alcohol and try to quit on their own only to give in to cravings time and time again. Substance use disorder is not something you can overcome by yourself. It is a disease that steals your resolve and hope. It requires a community that supports you. Here at Crossing, you will find that network of people willing to help you through this process.

Crossing provides patient-centered care, which means that every person suffering from substance use disorder will follow their own unique path to recovery. Maybe you need intensive help with a long-term stay in a safe, medically-managed environment? Maybe you would benefit from medications that reduce your cravings? Perhaps, participating in individual or group therapy would help keep your recovery on track? Depending on the type of substance used and the severity of your disease, you may need a combination of several methods. Which type of treatment is right for you?