Prescription Produce Program

Growing Together: Building Health and Hope in Our Community.

The Prescription Produce Program at Crossing Healthcare Garden is dedicated to providing access to fresh produce for patients facing health challenges such as prediabetes, diabetes, elevated BMI, substance use disorders, or food insecurity. Held every Friday from June to October, qualified participants receive a complimentary bag of produce along with delightful recipes to promote healthy eating habits. Community members can also purchase a bag for $5 or redeem WIC coupons or Senior Farmer Market coupons.

Crossing Healthcare Garden's initiative extends beyond providing produce; it embodies a holistic approach to healing and wellness. The program is complemented by a rich ecosystem, including a fruit tree orchard, berry bushes, raised beds, and a greenhouse, contributing to biodiversity and environmental sustainability. Through sustainable practices and educational outreach, the garden symbolizes resilience and growth within the community.

Furthermore, the program serves as a platform for empowerment by offering opportunities for individuals within our substance use recovery programs to engage in meaningful work. Through their contributions, we encourage positive habits and assist individuals in rebuilding their lives. Additionally, we actively involve volunteers, including organizational groups, to contribute to our cause. Together, we cultivate not only nourishing gardens but also hope, perseverance, and a brighter future for all.

The transformative impact of our program is deeply rooted in the steadfast support and collaboration of our community partners, including United Way, Kroger, Buds-N-Blooms, Good Samaritan Inn, Northeast Community Fund, University of Illinois Extension, and McGrath Farms.

To enroll in the program, sign up to volunteer, or for more information, contact: Allison Raiha at 217-877-9117 ext. 3190 or