Crossing Recovery Center


Admission and Orientation

We know that every person’s circumstances are different. At Crossing Recovery Center we seek to understand your physical and medical needs, your psychological and mental health needs along with your family history, trauma history, and the types of substances that have been used. Understanding these unique things about you, helps us develop the best possible plan to help you get well and stay well.

Admission Process

When you are admitted to Crossing Recovery Center for care, you will first stay in our medical detox unit. While you are staying in this part of Crossing Recovery Center you will have your own room in a unit staffed with a nurse. The nurse will assess your physical health and treat your physical symptoms of withdrawal from substances that may be in your system. The length of time you will stay in the medical detox unit will depend on how long it takes for your symptoms of withdrawal to subside. Once this happens, you will be moved to one of our residential rooms for the remainder of your stay at Crossing Recovery Center.

When you are admitted to Crossing Recovery Center, you will be assigned a primary counselor to help guide your recovery process. Your counselor will get to know you and will be your point person through-out your stay. It is very important to be honest with your counselor about your personal history and any issues surrounding your alcohol and drug use so they can develop the best plan for your care.

Financial Information

At admission, you are assigned a financial advocate who will help you develop a realistic funding or payment plan for your treatment, based on your personal circumstances. Typical sources of funding include insurance such as Illinois Medicaid plans, self-pay and other funding sources. Your financial advocate will help you verify insurance coverage and file paperwork required for payment. He or she can also help you with questions about insurance and payment.


Confidentiality is fundamentality important to the treatment philosophy of Crossing Recovery Center and must be respected among all staff and patients. We ask that you not share information you have heard while in treatment. What you hear here, who you see here, when you leave here, let it stay here.

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