Dima Alfakara, MD

Meet Dr. Dima Alfakara - Video



Medical Interests:

I am interested in hematologic disorders and endocrine conditions like diabetes.

When do you first recall wanting a career in medicine?

When I was a child I used to follow my dad, who was also a surgeon, when he used to see his patients in the hospital, and I would see myself there.

Why did you choose your specialty?

I like to be of service to people, and primary care gives me the opportunity to be in direct contact with their issues. Also, being a primary care doctor keeps me updated with what is happening in the medical field in general.

What do you like to do outside of Crossing Healthcare?

I am a painter. I do a lot of oil painting. I like reading South American literature. Also, I used to play an oriental music instrument but have not been doing that recently.

Favorite Quote

“Always put yourself in someone else’s shoes. This will make you understand them better.”


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