Charmaine Robertson, LCSW

Behavioral Health Supervisor

Behavioral Health Interests:

Throughout my career as a child welfare specialist, psychotherapist, and clinical director, I have enjoyed working with an array of clients in the mental health setting (ranging from ages 3 to 73) who have experienced symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and trauma history.

As rewarding as these experiences have been, I especially love doing work aimed at reducing recidivism among males transitioning out of the criminal justice system, with the primary modality of treatment being cognitive behavioral therapy and development of life skills. I believe in helping to equip individuals with the tools they need in order to make forward progress in life, and more importantly, I believe in second chances!

When do you first recall wanting a career in behavioral health?

I’ve always enjoyed doing work that was geared at positively impacting others; however, the desire to help empower others more strongly presented as a recent graduate level clinician when I noticed the significant extent of clients who rejected mental health treatment, usually due to the stigma associated. I knew that I wanted to help serve as a change agent through helping individuals identify faulty thinking patterns that often lead to a lifetime of shame, guilt, mistrust, and generational cycles of maladaptive behaviors. My goal was to help those individuals transition into a life of accountability, positive esteem and decision making, and certainly courage. 

Why did you choose your specialty?

Working to reduce recidivism specifically among minority males in the criminal justice system was chosen in part due to the overrepresentation of these persons in prison systems for non-violent offenses. There is also much shame, guilt, and mistrust that exists among this population. It is important to remind individuals that autonomy to choose the road less traveled does exist, and it produces more sustainable and rewarding outcomes.

What do you like to do outside of Crossing Healthcare?

I enjoy traveling! Traveling to Europe was an awesome experience; it’s one to beat and I’m up for the challenge!

Favorite Quote:

After my undergraduate professor encouraged me to develop a theme for the work that I intended to do in the field of social work, I determined that I would “Cry loud on behalf of those whose voices are barely heard!” and I plan to continue this style of advocacy.


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